Tayport Instrumental Band brings together people from all backgrounds and areas of work. Like many other brass bands, we have several family connections within the band, as well as student representation from the universities and colleges nearby. No surprise then that band has a wide mix of age ranges – from youth members up to seniors (we have a few over the age of seventy still happily playing!)

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If you’re a brass player or percussionist coming to work or study in the area and looking for a friendly band, we’d be really happy to have you come along – you’ll find directions on our Where We Are page. At the present time we are unable to participate in any band contests due to player shortages in key areas (if you’re already a “bander”, you’ll know contests are a big part of what bands do.) We do hope however to return to active contesting when our player numbers have improved again.

Perhaps you used to play brass some years ago and would like to again, but don’t have an instrument. If you’re in our area, TIB could help you get started again – you could be part of our band sooner than you think!

(And for any ex-Tayportians thinking about coming back to the band, and perhaps a bit worried about being able to make the commitment, you needn’t be. As a lower section band, our rehearsal schedule isn’t quite as gruelling as you may remember from those heady days of higher section successes – the music however is still fun!

Why not come along for a blow and help us build our players gallery which we’ll add below?