Welcome to the official web site for Tayport Instrumental Band (TIB) – a Brass Band based in Tayport, North East Fife, Scotland. The Band was founded over 100 years ago, and until the recent Covid pandemic took hold, we still had a small core of enthusiastic amateurs who rehearsed and performed together.

As a group, we were part of the wider brass band band movement being members of both Fife Charities Band Association (FCBA) and the Scottish Brass Band Association (SBBA). Sadly, the decision to wind up the band was recently taken and so we are no longer a functioning music group.

A pity, since it’s not that long ago that we were actively contesting and doing well within our section, earning 2nd place in the 4th section of the Scottish Championships in 2014. Following that result, we went on to take part in the National Championships held in Cheltenham later that year.

Despite having lost a number of players since then, until the pandemic we still took on a significant number of engagements throughout the year both inside and outside our local community. You’d probably be surprised at the wide range of music which a little town band like TIB was able to offer – from classics to the big band sound!

This site will remain operational however until the tayportband domain name expires in early 2025. You can also find out more by visiting the Band’s group page on Facebook.